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I am Damon Nelson, the domain name representative for a bankruptcy trustee in Dallas County, Texas, USA.

We represent the domain name Mondial.com that is owned by a bankruptcy estate in Dallas, TX USA.

We are seeking interested buyers at this point who would have the ability to purchase this domain name with cash funds within a short time.

If you have an interest in this domain name, please complete the contact form on this page and we will get back to you soon.

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FAQ’s about the Sale:

Who is selling this Domain?

Damon Nelson is the court-appointed domain name representative and is assisting the bankruptcy trustee in selling domain names in the portfolio.

This case is listed with the US Bankruptcy Court – Northern District of Texas Dallas division case number is 09-34784-SGJ-7 in regards to Ondova Limited Company.

The order to sell this domain name was filed on February 11, 2022, under doc 1323.


How much is the Domain worth?

Mondial.com has an estimated value from GoDaddy of over twenty-five thousand dollars.

If we’re interested in the Domain, how would we purchase it?

Because it’s part of a bankruptcy estate, we have to do a phone auction for the domain name.

We’ll be contacting several companies with a related name to Mondial, and if only one shows up, we will start the bidding at twenty-five thousand and go from there.

If multiple buyers show up on the phone call, it will be an auction format with the highest buyer winning the domain name upon purchase.

When would the auction be?

There is no set date yet, but it would probably be within thirty days or less.

Do we have to be in Dallas for the auction?

No, this would be a phone auction probably on Skype or Zoom, and it would be held by the bankruptcy trustee Daniel Sherman, the attorney on the case.

What type of funds would we need?

The purchase would need to be paid in US Dollars.

Once the high bid is awarded, that company would deposit the funds in Escrow.com, and we would transfer the Domain through Escrow.com

How does that work in transfer?

The Domain is with GoDaddy right now, so we would transfer it to your GoDaddy account and notify escrow of the transfer.

Once the high bidder receives it, the funds will be released from Escrow.com.

Do you have any more details about the domain name?

It has been part of the bankruptcy estate for over ten years now, and it is finally available for purchase.

It does not have any monetization and has not been used as a website.

It is a clean domain with no issues.

Who is selling the Domain?

The bankruptcy trustee is selling the Domain as part of the asset liquidation.

Once the winning bidder is announced and funds are placed with Escrow.com, a court order will award the winning bidder the domain name and all rights with it. Once the domain has been transferred and verified by the buyer, the funds held in Escrow.com will be released to the seller.

If I’m interested, what do I do now?

Well, at this point, I will need a name, email, and phone number from you, and I will send you out an email confirming all this information along with the contact information for Mr. Damon Nelson and the Bankruptcy Trustee, Mr. Daniel Sherman.